Friday, June 20, 2008

Giggity Giggity Goo!

At New Belfast, where my love of working for the library just got reaffirmed hardcore.

I'm not kidding, this guy came in not even 5 minutes ago. I'm working the circ desk and this very special individual approaches. He is wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt and has a very pronounced chin.

Erieely Framiliar Guy: (Loud and distinct voice) "Hey there! Can I get some headphones?!"

Me: (Looking at the computer screen, not really noticing his face) "Yeah, all I need to see is your library card"

EFG: "Alright!" (He bobs his head a bit)

I look up, and it's the human embodiment of Quagmire. I'm not joking. His real first name is Ben, but that rhymes with Glen, and that stands for Glen Quagmire.

Me: (Almost certain I'm on hidden camera for a new Fox reality show "Family Guy Characters Harrass You At Work"): "Here are your headphones, sir"

EFG: "Thanks mack! If you need me...(Points to the computers)...I'll be surfing the net! Woo-hoo!"

Now all I need is a talking dog to ask me for a martini and I'm set.


tkwagner said...

Are you kidding me? That is so awesome!! That just made my day!

Monster Librarian said...

ha ha ha...there is a guy who leads the choir at my church who looks exactly like Peter so whenever he sings my friend leans over and does the Peter laugh in my ear. Ha ha ha!