Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Sad Confession

So for all both of my fans, I have this saddening development...

Next semester, I, Tony Kris, will be embarking on my Thesis at UBC. As such, my free time will be severely diminished. In addition, pending an assistanceship, there is a very real possibility I might not be working for the Big City library system much longer.

In that vein, I believe F&LL will be going in a sabbatical for the Spring. If I manage to continue to work for the library, then of course I'll update as much as I can. But to be honest, I think all free time I might have will be spend researching or writing my behemoth of a paper.

(For the record, my topic is the Economic Rammifications of Rap Music. I have an interest in cultural History and the scholarship for that particular field is wide open. Call me nothing if not an oppurtunist.)

However, I can't NOT give you a wacky story, so here comes a quick one.

At the Middletown Branch, when a hairy farmer type comes in. He's wearing overalls without a shirt, and approaches the circ desk with several Wal-Mart bags overflowing with some sort of plant life. Along with Boner Leroy (the politican with the profane name) and white flight, the people of Middletown love their Wal-Mart.

Old McYeti: "Hey! YOU'RE new!"

Me: (Not wanting to go into the whole song and dance about different libraries everyday) "Something like that. Can I help you?"

OM: (Hoisting the bag so I can see) "Yeah, is Marian the Librarian (not her real name) in? I've got something for her."

Me: "I don't think so."

OM: "Well, don't that beat all? I've got 5 pounds here of Mustard Greens and I was wanting to give them to Miss Marian. (now yelling) HEY! WHO HERE WANTS SOME FREE MUSTARD GREENS!?"

Okay, I should fully describe the sequence of events that went on within a spilt second. I was convinced I was going to have to call the police to deal with a crazed bigfoot. However, just as I was about to go for the phone, another one of the librarians came out. Assuming she was going to give me moral support, I let her take point. But this was not meant to be.

Other Librarian Lady: "You got Mustard Greens?"

OM: "Yup. You want 'em"

OLL: (verbatium, I swear) "Hells yeah I want some mustard greens!!! I'm gonna shove these in the croc-pot with some bacon and have them for supper."

Neddless to say, hearing "Hells yeah" uttered by a rather prim individual was surprising enough, let alone taking Old McYeti's greens. Does anyone else accept food of plastic bagged origin at their work?

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Monster Librarian said...

This is such a great story!! Good luck with school!