Monday, August 27, 2007

Should I call Boystown?

Kid of about 10 comes up to the circulation desk.

Kid: "um...yeah...this is kind of a strange question since you're a library and all. But, uh, where is your death section"

Me: (baffled) "Excuse me?"

Kid: "Yeah. You know, books on death."

Me: (trying to understand) "Are we talking fiction or non-fiction?"

Kid: "I dunno."

Me: "Are you looking for CSI-type stuff or like a scary story?"

Kid: "It's for a class assignment. I have to bring in a book about death. So where's the section?"

Me: "Um...well, there's a horror section."

Kid: "Is that about death?"

Me: "I'm sure that death's an element."

Kid: "Okay, as long as there's death in it."

Me: (Points him in the direction of the YA horror section)

Kid: "Thanks. You ought to put in a death section though"

Me: "I'll bring it up"

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