Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Actual Questions to the Reference Desk #2

(At the Buffalo branch, which is a suburb of sorts of Big City. Not as far out as Taylor, but still pretty country)

Me: (Answering Phone) "Buffalo Library, reference desk, can I help you?"

Thick-Country Accented Patron: "Yeah. I was wonderin' if ya'll had the number to Davis' Gun and (Word that kinda sounds like "Peom")"

Me: "Excuse, could you repeat that name?"

TACP: "Davis' Gun "Emmpallm"

Me: (Not know if he said, "And Pawn" "Emporium" or "And Porn," which sounds like the greatest store ever. Sex and violence under one roof) "Could you repeat that last word?"

TACP: "Palmem"

Me: "What's that again?"

TACP: (Louder) "Polwm!"

Me: (Not wanting to say "I can't understand you cause of your thick @$$ accent") "Do you know if it's located in Big City or Buffalo?"

TACP: "I'm pretty sure it's in Buffalo"

Me: (Pulling out a Buffalo phone book) "Oh yeah, Davis Gun and Pawn. The number is ###-####"

TACP: "What time do they close?"

Me: "I don't know, but I'm sure if you call them, they'll be happy to answer."

TACP: "You ain't got their hours?"

Me: "No. It's just a telephone listing"

TACP: "Whelp. Thanks anyway." (Click)

The main thing I learned from this experience is that someone needs to open up a combination Firearms and Pornography emporium. Preferably in the back of a casino or liquor store.

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