Friday, February 22, 2008

Again With the Shellfish

Personally embarrassing story but hey, that's why I'm anonymous.

Working at Redwell Waters when a patron comes to check out. She's got about 3 cookbooks and must have been staring at a screen too long because all of the titles came up "Low-Crab cooking" and "preparing a no-crab diet." I had never heard of such a thing. (One would think that not putting crabs would not require the usage of a cookbook. I mean, is it that hard to keep crabs away?) So of course, I had this very embarrasing exchange in an attempt to find out about this new cooking method:

Me: "So, is this for Lent or something?"

Crab Lady: "Excuse me?"

Me: "All this no-crab stuff. I've never heard of such. Is it new?"

CL: (Realizing my mistake WAY before me) "Oh sweetie, you must have had a long day." (She shows me the cover, which reads, of course "Low-CARB cooking)

I feel like a doofus for the rest of the day along with my coworkers continually ribbing me about my mistake.

This has been compounded by a sign I saw while working in Taylor. It read, and I kid you not: "Not Serving Hot, Delicious Crawfish." That's right, a gas station went out of their way to inform the drivers of Taylor that they didn't have any hot, delicious crawfish. I suppose that if one desired cold, medicore crawfish, they'd have you covered.

So apparently I've got shellfish on my mind

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Monster Librarian said...

Awesome! Thanks for making me crack up at the end of the longest day!