Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It Seriously Was the Most Fun Bachelor's Party Ever

Here comes the latest gem from Larry the Mouth-Breather, UBC's authority on inane babble!

In class, talking to a fellow student about a bachelor's party I attended over Spring Break for a fraternity brother.

Me: "Yeah, it was a fun party. Granted, it was the morning of the wedding, so there wasn't too much godless partying and booze hounding."

Other Sudent: (Who happens to work as a bartender at Hooter's, and thus probably more framiliar with bachelor's parties) " does one do a morning bachelor's party?"

Me: "Mainly fraternity traditions. We also had a very nice breakfast. Huge. The majority of the time was spent roasting the groom."

Larry: (Coming out of nowhere. Bum-rushing the desk) "What did you roast? Was it pigs in a blanket?!"

Me: "No...we roasted the groom, told questionable stories about him. That sort of thing."

Larry: (Not getting it) "Roast ham? Bacon?"

Other Student: (Annoyed by Harry) "So yeah, you roasted him, then what?"

Me: "A couple other fraternal things. Then we played a lot of "Smash Brothers"." ("Smash Brothers", the funnest game ever, had come out like a week before for the Wii. During college, many a long evening was spent Smashing amongst the crew. That and "Halo", but mainly "Smash Brothers")

Other Student: "Oh! I like that game!" (Never fails, chicks might hate "Halo", "Madden", and especially "World of Warcraft", but they love "Smash Brothers". And "Mario Kart") "How long did you play?"

Larry: "So what did you have? Eggs?"

Me: "Pancakes. And we played until like 2 hours before the wedding. (No lie. Luckily the groom was already in his tux)

By this time, the professor had come in, but Larry had to still talk

Larry: "Were they Pecan Pancakes?"

But yeah, Smash Brothers for the Wii. Better than alcohol, strippers, and gambling combined!