Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pages in Confusion

I had a hysterical run in with a page.

Basically, I was talking to one of the other librarians (who happens to be half native Nigerian) about a dear friend of mine who's doing like a year as a missionary in Africa. A page, who's like 16 and white, was listening in.

Other Librarian: "That's cool, where abouts in Africa is she?"

Me: "Mainly Swaziland"

Page: "OMG! Why did you say that?"

Me: (Confused) "What? Swaziland?"

Page: "That's racist! I can't believe you'd say something like that!"

Me: "What's racist about Swaziland?"

Page: "Can't you just say the country's name?"

Me: "Swaziland?"

Page: (Getting more angered and bewildered by my apparent racism) "That's not a country!"

Me: (Still not understanding his rage) "Well, okay, I know it's surrounded by South Africa, but it's still a country. It is small though"

Page: "Wait, it's really a country?"

Me: "'s called Swaziland."

Page: "I thought you were being racist. You know, making up a country based on Swahili."

Me: (Still confused and in a halting tone as to not offend) "No...I didn''s a real country...I'm
sure we've got books on it...I mean she does spend some time in Mozambique...they speak Swahili some there...but not in Swaziland...The Swazi people don't speak Swahili..."

Page: "Oh...I thought you made up Swaziland just cause you were talking to an actual African dude and wanted to be crude and racist"

Luckily there were laughs all around as soon as the mistake was realized.


Draper said...

I sure am glad our pages aren't numbnuts busybodies.

Monster Librarian said...

Oh my God...this story made me laugh outloud--at the library--AGAIN! People are crazy!