Friday, November 16, 2007

The Great Bird Poop Adventure

This happened to me a while ago. But since I recently found out that people are actually reading this blog (and that I didn't get into trouble over the incident) I feel that now is as good of time as any to retell this tale.

So I'm sitting at the Youth Services desk at Longshore, happily typing away when I get a phone call from the front desk. They say that they have a call to transfer to me. I answer and it's the Middletown Branch, wondering where the heck I am.

I went to the wrong branch and nobody noticed until 2 hours after the fact.

So I semi-panic. I mean, I was the one who misread the schedule in the first place and went to the wrong branch on the wrong day. What was really amusing is that the people at Longshore didn't realize I wasn't supposed to be there. They were just happy to get another worker (since all libraries are understaffed) and didn't ask too many questions about how it happened.

Anyway, after swearing to the branch head in Middletown that I was about to speed over the considerable distance between Longshore and Middletown, I get off the phone and inform the staff at Longshore that I'm at the wrong branch and I have to get on over to Middletown before I get fired or something (not exactly a real fear, but this is my first major goof in six months on the job and they're all disappointed that their lunch shifts are in disarray since I was going to provide backup. I find the whole situation rather amusing. I mean, I'm laughing at myself for having tons of egg on my face.

As I rush out to the parking lot, preparing to jump into my car "Dukes of Hazzard" style. I feel something kinda splat against my head. That's right, a bird pooped in my hair. This just topped off the whole experience in craziness.

So I arrive at Middletown, after breaking several speed limits and semi-succeeding in removing most of the bird poop from my hair. I throw open the doors, gasping with apologies for the staff and patrons for my tardiness.

And surprise surprise, the place is beyond dead. We get a grand total of maybe 40 patrons for the rest of the day.

I wonder if Bird Poop counts as getting your hair highlighted?

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Monster Library Student said...

YUCKO! Ha ha ha...isn't that always what happens, one thing like that to be the cherry on top of a wonderful day. :)