Friday, November 16, 2007

The Reason We Keep Hand Sanitizer at the Desk

So I'm working at the Buffalo branch. It's been a quite and rather dull day, not too many people coming in.

A woman approaches the circulation desk with a pile of books, DVDs, and other check outable materials. I don't pay too much attention as she puts the stuff down and prepares to pull out her library card. I take my eyes off her for just a second as I switch my computer into "check out" mode. In this miniscule moment of time, she gets her library card and hands it to me. I notice it's a little moist, but don't think too much of it as I scan her card and hand it back to her.

Then she puts it back in her bra. As in, she keeps her library card by her bosom.

I am greatly grossed out.


Gardenbuzzy said...

EEWWW! That's where my mother-in-law used to keep money when my husband was growing up. He seemed surprised to discover I did not follow that tradition.

Berky said...

Encourage you to embrace alcohol-free kid safe products--especially given rapidly growing trend towards outright banning alcohol-based is a great resource!

Gardenbuzzy said...

Dude, I think you've got some spam in your comment place. The Berky one)

Monster Library Student said...

Oh my God that is so disgusting...if she's going to do that she could at least do it somewhere where you won't see her doing it or something!! SICK!

Thom said...

Oh... man....

Just found your blog. Good stuff.

I'll have to share this with my middle-aged to elderly stalker folk.