Friday, April 18, 2008

Up Next, The Dagobah 500

Still in Middletown, where I saw this amazing sign during my lunch break:

A quick note, Middletown is like white flight personified. All they've got there is rednecks and political signs for "Boner Leroy," (which is not his real name. His actual name is much dirtier, no lie) My favorite pastime whenever I'm working in Middletown is to blast some Ghostface Killa with my windows rolled down. Just to frighten the residents a little bit, which could possibly result in their moving even further away from Big City.

Anyway, this was a sign in front of some local establishment in Middletown. Verbatim.


Ready for Talladega, We Are

I had no idea Yoda was such a fan of stock car races, let alone resided in Middletown.


Draper said...

Boner Leroy, eh? Well played.

Gardenbuzzy said...

Absolutely too funny, you are!