Monday, April 28, 2008

An Even Sadder Realization

This weekend, I had a wonderful trip up to my old stomping grounds of College Town, which is located in another state than Big City. After randomly seeing a major rap star whilst filling up with gas, I made the voyage via car from Big City to College Town. (I'd name the rapper, but his name is synonymous with Big City, which would totally reveal any sense of remaining anonymous)

So I roll into College Town, a couple hours early. My frat's reunion was due to start until a couple of hours, and I wanted to check my email to see if McGruff had gotten her package (She hadn't as of yet, but that's not important). Of course, in the two years since I last lived in College Town, a lot has changed. I needed Wi-fi, but I had no idea where to get it. I couldn't go onto the college's campus and use theirs, since I no longer had a valid student ID. I also didn't know anyone living in the area, since everyone's spread out around the country post graduation. All the local coffee shops had closed and I wasn't about to go to Starbucks to pay for their crappy Verizon Wi-fi. But I really needed to check my email and whatnot. So I decided to take a drastic measure:

I purposely went to College Town's branch of the city library and used theirs.

As in, on my day off, during a trip that was meant to be fun, I purposefully went to a library, my place of employment, just to use the Wi-fi. And I actually talked shop with the College Town Librarian.

I swear, I had to go through 5 hours of intense fraternal bonding to get the awful taste out of my mouth. If past me ever gets a time machine and discovers what present me is up to, he'd probably kick my butt. Talking shop with a librarian. For shame, Tony Kris, for shame.

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