Friday, May 23, 2008

Time Management Is Not My Thing

At Riverview, where I've already had a rough morning.

Ordinarily, pretty much all libraries in the Big City system are open from 9 to 6 on Fridays. However because of some concerts right next to the Riverview library, they've been opening at 8 in order to close at 5. This early closing allows the branch not to become overrun with intoxicated music lovers.

I've been scheduled to work for the past two Fridays, both of which started poorly. I woke up bright and early last Friday, thinking I had to be at Riverview for 8. However, as I pulled onto Riverview's street, I double-checked my schedule only to discover I was slated to work at the Washington Branch. Which, of course, opened at 9. Having nothing better to do, and with the price of gas being ridiculous, I went to the Washington Branch and listened to the radio whilst in the parking lot.

So this morning dawns, I triple-check my schedule, and I know for certain I'm supposed to be at Riverview for 8. I leave Casa Del Kris at 7:15, arriving in downtown Big City for 7:30. I actually find a decent parking space, and head for the Riverview entrance at 7:40. With a little bit of luck, I can set everything up and be ready to go for 8. (Since I travel around to all the branches, I don't have keys to any. I'm dependent on a regular staffer to open the door. One gets used to it pretty quick)

Here is a play-by-play of my time:

7:45-Check the door. It's locked. Peer inside to see if anyone is behind the desk.
7:46-Decide to chill outside.
7:47-Sit down on bench
7:48-Wonder if my car is going to get towed
7:49-Become slightly concerned about the lack of staff considering the library opens in ten minutes.
7:51-Wonder if Mark Hamill ever gets sick of being called Luke Skywalker
7:53-Attractive young lady passes me by on her way to the nearby coffee shop. Says a quick "hello"
7:55-Call the Riverview library to see if anyone is there. No answer
7:58-Wish I had brought a book or something
8:00-Zero hour. Still no one is at the branch. Patrons start lining up.
8:01-Patrons realize library isn't opening and the librarian is even more clueless than they are
8:02-Attractive young lady returns from coffee shop. She throws me a glance, but I'm too bizarred out from work to respond in kind.
8:04-State workers show up to fix the lighting. Door's still locked, they don't have a key.
8:05-Retry calling the library. No response.
8:08-Wish I had brought a DS or something.
8:10-Attractive young lady returns. Asks if I'm a librarian. I respond I sorta am. She's some sort of judicial aid at the court house next door. Her name is Kate. She is pleased to meet me. Kate wonders why she hasn't seen me before, since she oft goes to Riverview.
8:11-Kate gives me her number and asks if I want to go to lunch today. I refuse on principle, and that it's kind of weird.
8:12-Kate leaves a little dismayed, since she doesn't look she's gotten turned down before. This marks the fifth time I have been asked out in a work-type setting.
8:15-Fifteen minutes have passed. I call my boss. My boss is out today. I tell next in the chain of command the situation. She says she'll look into it and call me right back.
8:16-Wonder if Mark Hamill would have turned down Kate.
8:17-Call back from next in chain of command. Turns out the concert series ended last week. Riverview is back opening at 9. I feel like an idiot.

So yeah, for two weeks in a row, I've gotten up way early for absolutely no reason.


tkwagner said...

I am sure we have done things like this. I kind of felt sorry for you though because Ihave been in that situation before as well. It sucks because you end up looking stupid!

Monster Librarian said...

Oh friend! What a sucky two weeks. I guess I don't have your principals...if I were asked out by some gorgeous Clooney look-a-like, I wouldn't say no. ;)