Friday, May 2, 2008

Maybe 4 People in the World Will Get This

You live life and you don't think that you make that much of a difference and then a little thing happens that validates everything.

Watching "Nightline" with my father, when a report comes on about the mortgage crisis and its effect on Baltimore.

(A note: Since I'm going to grad school in my hometown, I've found it perfectably respectable and logical to move back in with my parents after living away from home for college. No sense in paying for rent when I could live at home and save money. I'm not trying to impress anyone, so life at Casa Del Kris seems like a pretty sweet deal. I mean, I'm going to move out for my Ph. D, since it won't be at UBC, but paying rent when I could live for free just seems silly)

Dad: (All the sudden, out of nowhere) "Omar Comin'!"

Yes, I suppose if nothing else my viewing of "The Wire," arguably the greatest show ever on television, has resulted in my dad having an awesome go-to joke any time anything remotely related to Balitmore presents itself in the conversation.

I don't think I've stopped laughing.


tkwagner said...

I agree with you on the living at home during grad school thing. Am doing it myself currently.

Monster Librarian said...

Hey, if you can make living at home work for you, you should do it. Like you said, it saves you the do rei me!