Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wherein Tony Kris Feels Like A Jerk

At the Taylor Branch, working the circ desk. Guy comes in carrying his infant son.

Guy: "Yes, I'd like to pick up a hold."

Me: (Sensing that the guy looks framilar, but I chalk it up to the probablity of seeing him in Taylor once before) "Alright, what's the name it'll be under?"

Guy: "Target. First name is Easy"

Me: (Somewhat stunned) "Did you go to Big City Middle?"

Easy Target: (Very hesistant) "Yeah..."

Me: "I thought you looked framilar. Anthony Kris (I only started to go by "Tony" while in college). We had some classes together."

Easy Target: (A little scared, holding onto his son tighter) "...You're not normally here, are you?"

Me: "Nah, they just send me here occassionally. Wow, it's been over ten years! You been alright?"

Easy Target: (Not comfortable at all) "I've been well. Do you have the books?"

Me: (A little baffled, but I roll with it) "Lemme check." (Seeing that they're LSAT books and wanting to make conversation that's non-middle school related) "Ah, the LSAT. I took that. It's a pretty daunting test. Not really hard, just long."

Easy Target: (Wanting to get out) "Here's my card."

It's at this point that I realized a vital fact. I spent most of my middle school days bullying and mocking Easy Target. (Not beating him up and taking his lunch money, more like saying that he was dumb, poor, smelly, and an all around human wasteland) I couldn't count the number of times I made him cry. In fact, he transferred out of Big City Middle after 6th grade, presumably because the teasing. I mean, I wasn't the only one, but I certainly didn't obstain when Easy Target was around. Heck, even his name made him an easy target.

So seeing me in the library probably un-repressed a whole slew of bad memories. He'd gotten over his past, gotten a girl who liked him, heck, even had a child. But like something out of a bad dream, evil Anthony Kris is behind the desk at the library. I decide to tone it down.

Me: "Thanks." (Checks out his test prep materials) "Due in three weeks. Take care"

Easy Target: (Sort murmurs a half-parting and rushes out of the library)

Needless to say, I felt like a smuck for all my past behavior. I suppose I reaped what I sowed, even after I'd forgotten about the torment I caused Easy Target back in the day.

Oh well, such is life.

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