Monday, September 24, 2007

Absent-minded love

I'm at Timberland today in the children's room. Timberland is like Antietam in that it's one of the larger more affluent libraries, but for some reason I like Antietam better, even though Timberland doesn't get homeschoolers.

So as a mom and her two little toddlers are leaving, the two little girls are saying "bye-bye" to me, the friendly man behind the desk who found them some horsey books. I return the acknowledgement and wave bye-bye to them. As they pass to leave the room, I believe the mom attempts to say "Thank you for the help." But that's not what comes out.

Mom: "Love you," stops, and just leaves

I have to laugh cause I recently ended a call to my supervisor with the same type of non-thinking "I love you"


Juice S. Aaron said...

I have come SO close to doing that on a number of occasions and get chills each time I narrowly miss it.

Monster Library Student said...

Like that Freudian, "Mrs. Mom" that always slipped out in 2nd grade when trying to get your teacher's attention.