Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So I'm at the Riverview branches, home of homeless and jurors, and there's a new face intermixed with the homeless regulars. Before you even see him, you smell him; he's got that typical "no-bath-in-eons" homeless smell, but just a tad more rank. Anyway, when I finally see him I notice a hysterical detail about his attire.

He's wearing a white shirt, now stained yellowish gray, with the word "Padre's" in sharpie.

I suppose he's such a Padres fan that he wouldn't let his lack of a logo on his shirt get in the way of telling the world what team he supports. Anyway, he comes up to the front desk and asks to use the courtesy phone, which I point him to. He then proceeds to dial about 5 numbers and have this conversation with "the person on the other line." Quite loudly, might I add, even for the Riverview Branch.

"HEY! I was just wondering when we're gonna go get something to eat?!?! I...yeah....yeah....yeah...well, I haven't had anything to eat today since breakfast...nothing but my pills! And Peaches! Oh yeah, Peaches!"

He then starts on a 3 minute rant about the quality of the peaches, how many cans he had, comparing canned to fresh peaches, Georgia Peaches vs. local peaches. Pretty much anything you can say about peaches, he said. He finally hangs up and leaves the library, looking for something to eat.

He returns about an hour later and asks to use the phone again. I let him, and sit back to enjoy yet another rant on peaches. Once again he dials too few numbers for an actual call and talks to his "friend".

"Hey! Don't worry about lunch, somebody bought me lunch! Yeah, it was great! Lunch!.....yeah....yeah....yeah....no they just bought it for me! I was just looking into the shop and this guy buys me lunch....uh huh..it was great! See you later! Maybe I'll bring some peaches!"

He then looks at books for the next 15 minutes and picks out a few about baseball to check out. He actually has a card, which is impressive. With a stack of books about his beloved Padres in hand, the last I saw of him was going out into the wilds of downtown.

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